To Sir with Love


{t:To Sir with Love}

{c:| Note:    use [F#](easier) for [F#7]:}

[G]Those school girl days
[A]Of telling [C]tales and biting [G]nails are gone
[G]But in my mind
[A]I know they [C]will still live [G]on and on
[F#]But how do you [Bm]thank someone
Who has [F#]taken you from crayons [Bm]to perfume
[A]It isn't [D]easy but I'll [A]try [E7]

If you [A]wanted the sky
I would [G]write across the sky in [A]letters
That would [G]soar a thousand feet [A]high
To [D]Sir with [E7]love

[G]The time has come
[A]For closing [C]books and long last [G]looks must end
[G]And as I leave
[A]I know that [C]I am leaving [G]my best friend
[F#7]A friend who taught me [Bm]right from wrong
And [F#7]weak from strong that's a [Bm]lot to learn
[A]What what can I [D]give you in re-[A]turn [E7]

If you [A]wanted the moon
I would [G]try to make a start but [A]I
Would [G]rather you let me give my [A]heart
To [D]Sir with [E7]love [E7]   [A]

{t:To Sir with Love}

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