Waiting for a Train

Jimmie Rodgers (1928)

{t:Waiting for a Train}
{st:Jimmie Rodgers (1928)}

{c:verse 1}
[C]All a-[G7]round the [C]water [C7]tank, [F]waiting for a [C]train
A [F]thousand miles a-[C]way from [Am]home, [D7]sleeping in the [G7]rain
I [C]walked up [G7]to a [C]brakeman, [C7] just to [F]give him a line of [C]talk
He [F]said if you've got [C]money, I'll [D7]see that you don't [G7]walk
I [C]haven't got a nickel, not a [F]penny can I [E7]show
He [F]said get off you [C]railroad bum, and he [D7]slammed the [G7]boxcar [C]door

{c:verse 2}
[C]He put me [G7]off in [C]Texas, [C7] a [F]place I dearly [C]love
The [F]wide open spaces [C]all around me, the [D7]moon and stars [G7]above
[C]Nobody [G7]seems to [C]want me, [C7] nor to [F]lend me a helping [C]hand
I'm [F]on my way from [C]Frisco, going [D7]back to Dixie [G7]Land  
My [C]pocket book is empty, my [F]heart is filled with [E7]pain
I'm a [F]thousand miles a-[C]way from home, just [D7]waiting [G7]for a [C]train

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