What A Day For A Daydream

Lovin' Spoonful

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{t:What A Day For A Daydream}
{st:Lovin' Spoonful}

[C]What a day for a day[A7]dream Wha[Dm7]t a day for a daydreaming[G] boy
[C]And im lost in a day[A7]dream  Dr[Dm7]eaming bout my bundle of [G]joy

     A[F]nd even if ti[D7]me ain't re[C]ally on m[A7]y side
     I[F]t's one of th[D7]ose days for ta[C]king a wa[A7]lk outside
     I[F]'m blowing th[D7]e day to take[C] a walk in [A7]the sun
    A[Dm7]nd fall on my face on somebody's new [G]mown-lawn

Then it just keeps doing
[C]     [A7]      [Dm7]          [G]    for the daydream parts
and then
[Dm7]For th[G]e middle parts.


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