When You Wish Upon a Star (from Disney's "Pinocchio")

Cliff Edwards (1940)

{t:When You Wish Upon a Star (from Disney's "Pinocchio")}
{st:Cliff Edwards (1940)}

{c:strum: shuffle | d u D - d u D - | (weak and Strong, 1 & 2 3 & 4)}
([C]1  2  [Ebdim]3  4  [F]1  2  [G7]3  4)
([C]1  2  [Ebdim]3  4  [F]1  2  [G7]3  4)

{c:verse 1}
[C]When you [A7]wish u-[Dm]pon a [F]star
[G7]Makes no [F]diffe-[G7]rence [Ebdim]who you [C]are
[Am]Any-[Ebdim]thing your [Dm]heart de-[F]sires will
[Dm]Come [G7]to [C]you  [G7]  

{c:verse 2}
[C]If your [A7]heart is [Dm]in your [F]dream
[G7]No re-[F]quest [G7]is [Ebdim]too ex-[C]treme
[Am]When you [Ebdim]wish u-[Dm]pon a [F]star as
[Dm]Drea-[G7]mers [C]do

[Dm]Fate [G7]is [Cmaj7]kind [C6]
[G7]She [C#dim]brings [G7]to [Ebdim]those who [C]love
[Am]  The sweet ful-[D7]fillment of their [Fm]secret lon-[G7]ging

{c:verse 3}
[C]Like a [A7]bolt out [Dm]of the [F]blue
[G7]Fate steps [F]in [G7]and [Ebdim]sees you [C]through
[Am]When you [Ebdim]wish u-[Dm]pon a [F]star
Your [Dm]dreams [G7]come [C]true [Fm]  [Cmaj7]↓

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