White rabbit

Jefferson Airplane

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{t:White rabbit}
{st:Jefferson Airplane}

[B]One pill makes you larger and [C]one pill makes you small
and the o[B]nes that mother gives you don't do [C]anything at all
go ask [D]Alice w[F]hen she's t[G]en feet t[D]all

[B]And if you go chasing rabbits and you [C]know you're going to fall
Tell'em a [B]hooka smoking caterpillar has [C]given you the call
Call [D]Alice w[F]hen she w[G]as just sm[D]all

[A]When men on the chessboard get up and t[D]ell you where to go
and you j[A]ust had some kind of mushroom and your m[D]ind is moving low
go ask A[B]lice, I think she'll know

When logic and proportion have fa[C]llen sloppy dead
and the w[B]hite knight is talking backwards
and the red qu[C]een's off with her head
Re[D]member [F]  what the [G]Dormouse s[D]aid

[A]Feed your [D]head! Fe[A]ed your he[D]ad!
[A]Feed your [D]head!

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