Yes Sir, That’s My Baby

Walter Donaldson & Gus Khan, 1925

{t:Yes Sir, That’s My Baby}
{st:Walter Donaldson & Gus Khan, 1925}

	:| d - D u d - D u |:

[C]Yes, Sir, That's my Baby,
[G]No, Sir, Don't mean "Maybe"
[G7]Yes, Sir, That's my Baby [C]now. [C7]

[C]Yes ma'am, we've decided,
[G]No ma'am, we won't hide it,
[G7]Yes, ma'am, you're invited [C]now.

By the [C7]way, By the [F]way,
When we [D7]reach the preacher I'll [G7]say (with feeling)

[C]Yes Sir, That's my Baby,
[G]No, Sir, don't mean "maybe",
[G7]Yes Sir, That's my Baby [C]now. [C7]

[C] / / / /
[G] / / / /
[G7] / / / / [C] / / [C7] / /

[C]Well well, "lookit" that baby,
[G]Do tell, don't say "maybe",
[G7]Hell's bells, won't she cause some [C] row?

Pretty [C7]soon, Pretty [F]soon,
We will [D7]hear that Lohengrin [G7]tune, (I'm sayin')

[C]Who for should she be sir,
[G]No one else but me sir,
[G7]Yes sir, That's my Baby [C]now. [C7]

[C] Yes sir, that’s my Baby
[G]Yes sir, I don't mean maybe,
[G7]Yes sir, That's my Baby [C]now

{t:Yes Sir, That’s My Baby}

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