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Tuesday Night Ukes: Welcome to summer!

Next circle: Tuesday, July 5
Dave’s house

It’s summer! Time to take a break from the shop and enjoy the great outdoors (or a nice dry basement if the weather turns).

The first “field trip” will be to my backyard in the west end of Regina. (Please join the mailing list or Facebook group for the address.)

We won’t have any new music this summer, but I’ll set up the projector and we’ll play through some of our favourites.

Please bring a lawn chair if you’ve got one.  Parking is limited, so carpool if possible.

Next month we’ll be at Laura’s and don’t forget the Manitoba Hal workshop on July 24! Contact Sawchyn Guitars for details and tickets.

Tuesday Night Ukes: June 2016

Tuesday Night Ukes
7–9PM, Tuesday, June 7
Sawchyn Guitars, 2132 Dewdney Avenue

No theme this month:

Tonight, You Belong to Me has become a ukulele classic and I’ve had a few people ask for it. Search for it on YouTube and you will find dozens of versions from movies, celebrities, rock stars and four year olds.

PDFs: New music for June

  • GCEA (soprano, concert, tenor)
  • DGBE (baritone)

Don’t forget about the Manitoba Hal blues ukulele workshop on July 24. Seats are limited and are available at Sawchyn Guitars or at the next circle. Only $35 to learn from one of the best!

The following circle will be July 5 in A.E. Wilson park behind my house (or in my house, if the weather doesn’t cooperate) and then over to Laura’s for August. Details to follow.

Happy strumming!

Ukulele events


This is just a quick note to let everyone know about some upcoming ukulele events. The regular email with music and video links will come next week.

Sunday, May 22 – Rehearsal with Sisters of Mercy

Anyone who’s available is invited to help back up the Sisters of Mercy woman’s vocal ensemble on Merry Happy. There are only four chords: A, G, F#min and E.

Westminster United Church, 3025 13th Avenue

Wednesday, May 25 – Sisters of Mercy: Love, Loss, and Lessons Learned

Westminster United Church, 3025 13th Avenue

Tuesday, June 7 – Tuesday Night Ukes

Our monthly circle. No theme this month, but I’ve prepared a few new songs: Take Me Home, Country Roads, The Joker and Tonight You Belong to Me.

Sawchyn Guitars, 2132 Dewdney Avenue

Sunday, July 24 – Blues Ukulele Workshop with Manitoba Hal

Finally, I can’t thank Sawchyn Guitars enough for giving us a fantastic opportunity to learn from one of the best blues ukulele players recording today, Manitoba Hal.

Sawchyn Guitars, 2132 Dewdney Avenue

Seating is limited. Sign up at the next circle or at the store.

Happy strumming!

Tuesday Night Ukes, May 2016: Totally rad ’80s night!

Tuesday, May 3
7 to 9 PM
Sawchyn Guitars, 2132 Dewdney Avenue, Regina, SK

Calling all gnarly dudes and mall chicks. It’s time to break out your leg warmers, pastel suits, acid wash jeans and shoulder pads. Well, maybe not all at once.

I’ve prepared a few new songs and we’ll dip into our catalogue for some other ’80s hits.

The new stuff:

OK, technically Maybe Tomorrow was written at the end of 1979, but show didn’t become a hit until the ’80s.

And from our song book:


See you all in May. It will be totally rad!

Happy birthday, Queen City Ukers!

Tuesday Night Ukes 2nd Anniversary
Tuesday, April 5

7 to 9 PM
Sawchyn Guitars, 2132 Dewdney Avenue, Regina

Queen City Ukes has been around for two whole years!

On April 5 we’ll celebrate with an open mic night. Bring your favourite song and show off your skills. For those who want to perform, I’ll put a signup sheet on the counter. If you have a song you’d like to play with the group, email it to me, bring it on a thumb drive or let me know a website where I can find it and I’ll put it up on the projector.

Even if you don’t want to play in front of the group, be sure to bring your ukulele as we’ll end the night playing tunes from our song book.

As a reminder, I’ll be collecting dues to help keep the group going. It’s $10 for the year and Sawchyn Guitars has been kind enough to offer occasional discounts for card holders.

Thank you to everyone for making Tuesdays in Regina a lot more fun. I look forward to our time together every month and I hope to do so for many years to come.

PS – May is ’80s night. Send me you favourite songs and I’ll try to add them to the list.

Music for March

No theme this month, just five requests.

Tuesday, March 1
7 PM
Sawchyn Guitars, 2132 Dewdney Avenue, Regina


Here’s all the new music in a single PDF for those printing or loading on to a tablet.

Next month is our second anniversary! We won’t have any new music, but anyone brave enough to make their way to the front of the room is invited to play for the group. After that, we can all shout out songs and then perhaps some socializing across the road.


Next ukulele circle, March 1

Thanks for a great night on Tuesday. We had 35 people, including a few new faces. Welcome!

Tuesday, March 1
7 pm
Sawchyn Guitars, 2132 Dewdney Avenue, Regina

I don’t have a theme, this month, but we’ve got lots of new requests. If you have a song you’d like to play, send them my way.

Don’t forget, April 5 is the group’s our second anniversary. There is an open invitation to perform for the rest of the group. If you’re nervous, why not find a friend and form a group? There’s safety in numbers!

Happy strumming!

Music for February

Tuesday, February 2
Sawchyn Guitars, 2132 Dewdney Avenue, Regina

No theme this month, but I’m working my way through song requests. If you have a song (or theme) you’d like to play, send it my way.


The stars look very different today

This weekend I put together the music for Under Pressure. It’s not completely finished but in light of David Bowie’s passing, I thought I’d share it.

A great start to the year!

Next circle: Tuesday, February 2
7 p.m.
Sawchyn Guitars, 2132 Dewdney Avenue

Thank you, everyone, for coming out on Tuesday. It was great to see so many new faces. We packed the store with 41 people!

A huge thank you to Nathan for playing Cat Stevens’ Moon Shadow. I’ll add the music to the site soon.

Speaking of solos, for our second anniversary this April, we’ll open the floor to anyone who wants to share something they’ve been working on. You’ve got three months to practise!

Need a few lessons before you’re ready to stand in front of the group? Want to take it up to the next level? Don Cowie is leading a series of five ukulele lessons for adults.

  • Dates: Wednesdays from February 10 through March 9
  • Time: 7:30–9 p.m.
  • Price: $50 for all five classes
  • Registration: Sign up at Sawchyn Guitars  or phone 306-522-6348

Music for the next circle will be posted soon. See you in a month!

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